A global company
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Who are we?

Innovation and comprehensive service

Throughout our history we have been upgrading in technology purchasing new equipment for various projects according to the needs of our customers. This has meant that today we have an extensive fleet of machinery is renewed and updated periodically.

Enhanced Administrative Area

For Servycat , service management and document management is a key point for the company to function properly . So recently , has reinforced the administrative staff trained and acquiring management programs efficiently as S.A.P. We focus on technology.

Safety and worker training

Safety at work is an inalienable value . For us it is very important to the safety of our employees , so they are continuously trained to acquire knowledge of the most rigorous standards of safety and control to make the work environment a safe place . Doing so, preventive resources , specific training courses , continuing education ... is a staple .

Expertise in programming

We have achieved a high level of expertise with high added value activities . We want to emphasize the programming service we provide to industrial machinery to operate multiple complex. Our technical team with the best training possible to make this service unique , efficient and fast.

A quick look
to our history

  • We adapt to the needs of each client
    and the particularities of each sector.

The company Servycat was created by his founder after have made small arrangements of mechanical maintenance to textile companies with some collaborators to his charge. In a year, the demand of his services did not stop to grow and was then when he decided to found the official company, directed mainly to the mechanical maintenance of all type of machinery.

As a result of the crisis, Servycat had to adapted to other fields and companies. By geographic reasons and of vicinity, expanded in the world of the alimentary industry, offering support to slaughterhouse, industries of preparation of foods, bread makers,...

Gently It went adapting to each work and then turned into a company of integral maintenance.

Treballs elèctrics
i expansió

  • New building of 600m2
  • Production of parts and structures
  • Electrical installations
  • Automation
  • Scheduling

The fact of globalize its services and group of customers, influenced in the decision of his founder when he wanted to maximize the value of the company. In 2011 the founder purchased a ship of 600 m2 to be able to attend better the commercial operations, and offer better flexibility and rapidity to his customers. It began also to produce pieces and structures for third.

In the same year, it was created ElectroServycat, a skilled company in all type of electrical works. Thanks to its creation, today it can make the services of construction of control panels, electrical installations, automatisms, programming, etc. And diversifying its area of work.

Serveis hidràulics i
expansió global

  • 1200m2 at your service
  • Assemblies integral
  • Transfer Machine
  • Hydraulic Services
  • International Expansion

In 2014, and continuing with the vocation to offer constants to our customers bet by the enlargement of 600 m₂ more to offer the service of repair of all type of hydraulic bombs, between others. Also it purchased a cut of water machine and a numerical lathe.

This centre is today, the work and logistical centre that allows the repair of machinery, construction of electrical control panels, all type of mechanical operations, and all, betting always by the training and continuous innovation.

Progressively, it has gone expanding to international level and has happened to act in textile companies to some companies of ceramics, alimentary, iron and steel, disassembly, transfer and integral setting of all type of companies, etc. At present, Servycat is a Global company.

Rigor, responsibility and continuous innovation


We are a company that fulfils with his responsibilities so much in internal field, as in the external field. We act always with professionalism, integrity and putting always by in front the requests of the customer. We promote the continuous innovation to achieve the maximum quality, looking for siempre maximizar the profitability for our customers.

We boost, like this, the participation of all the team of work to achieve a common aim, sharing the information and his knowledges. Have the vocation to provide a service to the entramado business of the country with commitment, honesty, confidence, and rigurosidad.

Our logo involves the vocation of leadership in innovation and commitment with environment and sustainability.


Be a company recognised and leader in the industrial maintenance, thanks to the service of quality/price and service aftermarket that it offers, contributing a full satisfaction of our customers and doing serve materials and services of high quality.

Contribute effective solutions of maintenance for any company and in any sector. Make a service of technical assistance professional in less than 24 hours, the 365 days for year.

In Servycat are convinced that the industrial maintenance has to do with precision taking into account all the elements of corresponding security so that the work was impeccable to be a global company, to provide global solutions.


To satisfy The most notable needs of our customers contributing solutions supported by other technologies and technical knowledges. Developing like this a wide range of services and products of innovation adapting us to the budget.

We want that the customer was proud of the result of the work i effort devoted and be a company recognised i leader in the industrial maintenance.


Servycat’s main objective is to give the best possible service to our customers – quick, efficient, personalised service. Our vocation for service, reliability and meeting our commitments has led us to win important customers in diverse sectors, both in Spain and abroad.